CWBA Inpsire round 1

CWBA 4 Kicked off their season in Nottingham where they played 2 games back to back against Jaguars followed by Uni Of Nottingham.

CWBA 4 took to the court for the very first time and played a very competitive game against Jags. CWBA took a little bit of time to compose and find structure but soon had their heads in the game. Finishing the game with a 30 - 26 win.

CWBA 4 went straight back out to the floor, motivated from their previous win. The team stayed focused throughout and played incredible team basketball. Unfortunately, after a final shot on the buzzer from Uni Of Nottingham, CWBA lost the game 35 - 34. 

CWBA 2 v CWBA 3 results

The 2023/4 season started with 2 home games in Division 3 Central for CWBA.  CWBA 2 and 3 played each other on consecutive weekends with CWBA 2 acting as the home team first.  

The first game was very competitive and the score line of CWBA 2 42 and CWBA 3 26  does not reflect the competitive nature of the game. 

The follow up match was marred by the loss of players in CWBA 3 due to illness.  Adryel Fernandes stepped up from the Inspire league to help bridge the gap, despite not having played competitively for several years.  However the changes in Team dynamics saw CWBA 2 race away to a 66 to 21 win. 

All of our home games will be live streamed this year.  The links above will take you to our CWBA Wheelchair Basketball YouTube page.

Both teams are due to take to the court again on November 12th.

New Inpire League Team

CWBA have joined the BWB Inspire League this season.  This is designed to develop players who are new to the sport and help them enter a competitive environment.  It also supports the development of coaches, referees and table officials.

CWBA are in a league with The University of Nottingham and Jaguars.  They will play 3 round robin events.  The first event will be in Nottingham at the end of October with the game at Jaguars in March and our home fixture in June.

Making their league debuts are:

Sarah Asplin, Sam Dawe, Tristan Dawe, Ellie Gordon, James Gordon, Connor Mackley and Michael Thomas

They will be joined by Paul Chapman, Adryel Fernandes, and Max Phillips-Brant, all currently players in the 3rd division.

Taking up new coaching roles are George Chapman, Warren Edwards and Kelsi Lamb (pictured)


Due to a number of players leaving to continue their careers elsewhere, CWBA have made the decision to withdraw the first team from the BWB Premier League. Obviously, this is less than ideal this close to the season, but it has been deemed the best course of action for the remaining players and to allow the team culture to rebuild and thrive.

article on cwba by george chapman

George Chapman has recently finished his second year at Staffordshire University studying sports journalism and content creation. George has produced an article about CWBA for his sports feature module. 

George chose to do his sports feature on CWBA to highlight how important the club is to the community and what can be achieved in the sport.

Click here to read!

Season Comes to an end

The British Wheelchair Basketball 2022/2023 season has come to an end. Teams will continue to train and prepare for next season.


CWBA play there first games this season on Sunday (10/10/2021).

CWBA 1 v Mohawks @ 12:00

CWBA 2 v Bears @ 14:00

CWBA v Hereward Heat @ 16:00

09/10/2021 (Liam Hassel Pictured)

CWBA TEAMS announced

CWBA have announced there teams for premier, first and second division teams. Check them out Here

22/09/2021 (Elliot Hardman Pictured)


CWBA Training has started back following BWB's stage 1 guidelines. We hope to soon be back playing competitively. 

National & Local restrictions must be adhered to as well as BWB's Stage 1 Guidance 

20/10/2020 (Jess Dowdeswell Pictured)


After seven years with CWBA Pete Cusack is off to Europe to play for @baskets_96_rahden for the 2020-21 season. Today, coach Ally Hope presented Pete with his number 13 jersey and to wish him all the best from the rest of the team. Viel Glück Pete! 

01/10/2020 (Ally Hope Left, Peter Cusack Right Pictured)

CWBA 1 Take revenge and beat steelers

CWBA 1 beat Sheffield Steelers 77-66 at home after losing by 14 away.

High Scores; Hassel with 24, Cusack with 19 and Hardman with 15.

03/03/2020 (CWBA Logo Pictured)

Jigs New App:- Access Rating!

As a busy basketball player and avid traveller with a disability, I often run into inaccessibility issues on away matches. I’ve visited bars, pubs, restaurants, and hotels that all make travel more challenging than I feel it needs to be. With that in mind, myself and two of my equally disabled friends have decided to launch an app called Access Rating. Access Rating allows people with disabilities the ability to rate venues based on their accessibility. Their feedback is then used to help improve buildings around the U.K so that more people can visit new areas. We’re so excited to introduce new features that make it easier than ever for uniquely abled travellers to get around and experience life that we’re asking everyone to download our app on your smart device and leave feedback. Feedback is invaluable to us because by reviewing locations that you’ve already been to and sharing your experiences, you may save someone else some trouble. We hope that with more people using Access Rating, we can affect positive change and improve peoples’ lives for the better. 

28/02/2020 ( Access Rating Logo Pictured)

CWBA 1 Travel to Ireland 

Last Weekend CWBA 1 Travel to Ireland to play North Ireland Knights and come away with a win. Final score 110-49 with liam Hassel and Peter Cusack getting impressive Triple - Doubles.

28/02/2020 (CWBA 1 and Northan Ireland Nights Pictured)


CWBA'S coach Jignesh Vaidya (Jigy) Travelled to India to coach two camps. Click below to read full story.

12/02/2020 ( Jig and Team Pictured)

Juniors win 2/2 at the weekend

CWBA Juniors Beat Swansea and Bears to secure there place at top of the pool. 

03/02/2020 (Dan May Left, Elliot Hardman Right Pictured)

Cwba Women remain undefeated

CWBA Women remain undefeated after beating angels of the north in a close, well fought game. Final score of 50-45. Watch now on BBC iPlayer.

28/01/2020 (CWBA Women Pictured)

CWBA 1 Beat Oldham Owls

CWBA 1 beat the undefeated Oldham Owls 66-60 last weekend. Top scorer Liam Hassel

21/01/2020 ( CWBA Liam Hassel, Elliot Hardman and Dan May Pictured)

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