CWBA is run entirely by volunteers and are always in need of more help. If you can spare any time and take up one off the free roles please contact us!

Niki Cross

Kester Moore

Debbie Cutts

Keith Batty

Ally hope

Sam lewis

Jig Vaidya

Liam Hassel

Chair: Niki Cross

Vice Chair: Kester Moore

Treasurer: Keith Batty

Committee secretary: Debbie Cutts

Coaches: Ally Hope, Keith Batty, Sam Lewis, Jig Vaidya

Disciplinary panel: Ally Hope, plus co-optees

Player Representative: Liam Hassel

Sports Therapist: Nia Edwards

League secretary: Debbie Cutts

Membership co-ordinator: Debbie Cutts

Welfare officer: Vacancy (Niki Cross)

Social Secretary: Debbie Cutts

First aiders: Nia Edwards, Sam Lewis


Brand: Kester Moore

Digital Presence: Tom Cutts, Sarah Hope

Marketing: Vacancy

Technical Support: Keith Batty

If you, a family member or a friend would like to join us our volunteers, please talk to us about opportunities.