Coventry Wheelchair Basketball Academy is a not-for-profit Sports Club.

Our Teams are 'Crusaders'.

Our home venue is the Woodlands Academy, Broad Lane, Coventry, CV5 7FF

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It runs for everyone from September to Mid July with a short break for Christmas


Thursday 6.00pm - 7.30pm:-

'Development Session'

  • Open session - everyone is welcome
  • Open to all age groups including new and developing players
  • All players are expected to wear appropriate sports wear to all training.

Development Session Focus

  • Fun, fitness, mini games and skill development.
  • Junior coaches are encouraged to take sections of the training.

Thursday 6.00pm -7.30pm:-

'Fundamental Skill Development Session'

  • Session open to National League and Junior Players

Fundamentals Session Focus

  • Development of players Fundamental Skills

Thursday 7.30pm -10.00pm

National League Team Players

The coaching team reserves the right to restrict access to this training due to poor behaviour or attendance.

All Players will be expected to wear team training kit for all training. No exceptions.


National League Teams - Home games are on Sundays,

CWBA 3 games 12.00 Midday

CWBA 2 games at 2:00pm

CWBA 1 games at 4:00pm.

In the 2019-20 Season we have the following teams;

CWBA 3 Playing in the BWB 3rd Division.

CWBA 2 Playing in the BWB 1st Division

CWBA 1 Playing in the BWB Premier Division

Junior Under 18's Team - Playing in the National Junior League

Women's Team Playing in the BWB 1st Division of the National Women's League.

There has been wheelchair basketball based in Coventry (UK) since 1992.

In 2013 we renamed ourselves 'Coventry Wheelchair Basketball Academy'.

In the last 18 years, we have played in British Wheelchair Basketball's National League.

More Info

The Coventry Wheelchair Basketball Academy (CWBA) provides wheelchair basketball training and development regardless of age, ability, gender, ethnic background or religion.

All activities are provided and supported by volunteers.

The Academy is aimed at people who have a physical disability and is inclusive. This encompasses all ages, both male and female from many cultures and religions which represent the area. Able bodied players are also encouraged and are integrated into the academy at every level.

The ethos of the academy is to encourage personal development and social interaction, through wheelchair basketball, leading to improved self confidence in the players.

Due to the consistent recruitment activity with Schools, Universities and Colleges we now have new participants coming forward every month. We regularly average 40 players per evening.

The typical benefits reported by participants, parents and physiotherapists are related to health and well being as well as increased self-confidence and other tools which help people progress in their lives.

We continue to welcome any players aged 6 years and over who are interested in the sport of wheelchair basketball, providing access to equipment and coaching staff dedicated to supporting personal and basketball skills development.

What sets us apart from every other wheelchair basketball club is the fact that we engage entire families in the activity. This means for example a family with a disabled child all get into wheelchairs and play alongside each other. The results from this are fantastic! Families are able to play, have fun and develop together.

We are self managing and self financing. We have an active committee of volunteers. New members are always welcome as players and volunteers.

Broad Lane, Coventry CV5 7FF

When you enter woodlands continue past the first car park on you left and go through the gates. Take your first left down to the car park and park. The continue towards the blue building down the ramp and through the double doors on your left. The sports hall is down the corridor to the left.