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Fixtures and Results

Season 2018/19

Premier Division
Home tip off is usually 16:00    
 Date  Home  Score    Score  Away  Win/Lose
29/9/2018RGK Tees Valley Titans42v58CWBA 1Win
7/10/2018CWBA 158v25RGK Tees Valley TitansWin
 20/10/2018Carlisle Panthers - v -CWBA 1Withdrawn
 25/11/2018Sheffield Steelers 61 v 31CWBA 1 Loss
 9/12/2018CWBA 1 38v 58Oldham OwlsLoss
 27/1/2019CWBA 1 51 v 84Sheffield SteelersLoss
 24/2/2019London Titans  v CWBA 1 
 24/3/2019CWBA 1  v Warwick Bears 
 31/3/2019CWBA 1  v London Titans 
 7/4/2019Cardif Mets  v CWBA 1 
 5/5/2019CWBA 1  v Carlisle Panthers Withdrawn
 12/5/2019Oldham Owls  v CWBA 1 
 25-26/5/2019 National Championships     

Division 1 South
Home tip off is usually 14:00 
 Date  Home  Score    Score  Away  Win/Lose
30/9/2018Tornadoes47v29CWBA 2Win
 7/10/2018CWBA 2 69 v 20BlackhawksWin
 28/10/2018Exeter Otters 61 v 48CWBA 2Loss
 11/11/2018Swindon Shock 30 v 57CWBA 2Win
 25/11/2018Sheffield Steelers 59 v 46CWBA 2Loss
 9/12/2018CWBA 2 58 v 36TornadoesWin
 27/1/2019CWBA 2 34v 77Sheffield SteelersLoss
 10/2/2019Blackhawks  v CWBA 2  
 24/2/2019London Titans  v CWBA 2 
 10/3/2019Leicester Cobras  v CWBA 2 
 24/3/2019CWBA 2  v Swindon Shock 
 31/3/2019CWBA 2  v London Titans 
 14/4/2019CWBA 2 v  Leicester Cobras 
 5/5/2019CWBA 2  v  Exeter Cobras 
 25-26/5/2019 National Championships     

Division 3 South & West
Home tip off is usually 12:00 
 Date  Home  Score    Score  Away  Win/Lose
7/10/2018CWBA 319v40Worcester WolvesLoss
 13/10/2018Thames Valley Kings 2 15v 28CWBA 3Win
 20/10/2018Gloucester Blazers 20 v 29CWBA 3Win
 13/1/2019Hampshire Harriers 40 v 26CWBA 3
 20/1/2019Worcester Wolves 58 v 36CWBA 3Loss
 27/1/2019CWBA 3 33 v 43Hampshire HarriersLoss
 24/3/2019CWBA 3  v Cardiff Mets 
 31/3/2019CWBA 3  v Swansea Storm 
 7/4/2019Cardiff Mets  v CWBA 3  
 14/4/2019CWBA 3  v Thames Valley Kings 
 5/5/2019CWBA 3 v Gloucester Blazers 
 11/5/2019Swansea Storm v CWBA 3 
 25-26/5/2019 National Championships     

Women's League Division 1
 Date  Home  Score    Score  Away  Win/Lose
 1/12/2018Angels of the North 154v55CWBA All starsWin
 2/12/2018CWBA All stars 62v 21VixensWin
 2/2/2019Angels of the North 1 25 v 52CWBA All starsWin
2/2/2019CWBA All stars74 v 50Sheffield SteelersWin
 3/2/2019CWBA All stars 63 v 32VixensWin
 3/2/2019CWBA All stars (BBC Live) 58 v 40Sheffield SteelersWin
 20/4/2019Semi Final  v   
 21/4/2019Final/Playoff  v   

Junior League
 Date  Home  Score    Score  Away  Win/Lose
17/11/18North Wales Knights44v56CWBAWin
 17/11/18CWBA 80 v40 BearsWin
3/3/19Bears   v  CWBA 
3/3/19CWBA  v   North Wales Knights 
 17/3/19CWBA  v  Bears 
 17/3/19North Wales Knights  v  Bears 
 17/3/19CWBA    North Wales Knights 
 27/4/2019 Elite 8's     
 25-26/5/2019 National Championships     

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