Paul Claridge

Name: Paul Claridge                  Uniform Number:10                    Nickname: ‘The Machine’

Role at CWBA:     Player/Coach/ Committee member

Age as of (31/12/12):  42

Year you started playing: 1992 (20 years)

Classification: 5 points

Basketball Career Highpoint: Being promoted to 2nd Division 2011. Coaching the West Midlands Under 15's Regional Team to the National Title 2012.

What do you like most about playing?:  It is physically the most demanding sport I have ever played! And it is the most rewarding!

Aspirations in the game: To develop CWBA to have teams in the league at every level. Providing the best training to the best players.

What/who inspires you to play basketball?: I am inspired by all of the players I am in contact with.        From those just starting and playing with a big smile on their faces, to talented and gifted players!   Top of my list is Keith Batty who is an amazing player!

Who is your hero?:  Michael Jordan                     

Why are they your hero?:  Because he worked harder than anyone to be as good as he was. Truly inspirational!

Favourite Food:  Chicken

Favourite Movie:  Once upon a Time in America

Favourite Quote:  “If not you, who? If not now, when?”

Pet hate!:  Laziness       Why?: There is nothing worse than someone having talent and great potential and being too lazy or not being bothered to work hard and achieve it!
"I can accept failure, I can not accept not trying".

Other hobbies: Powerkiting - buggying,  growing my own food, playing lots of sports such as Tennis, badminton, squash, cycling and going to the gym.

Little known fact about yourself:  Has 2 dogs, a galgo called Mona (Monkey in Spanish) and a greyhound called Vernon!

Any other information: Hates Celery! I believe it to be satan!