Lee Taylor


Name:    Lee Taylor                         Uniform Number:       4           Nickname:  don't have one

Role at CWBA:     Player

Age as of (31/12/12):  33

Year you started playing:  2012
Classification:  3.5

Basketball Career Highpoint:  Just enjoy being part of the team training and playing

What do you like most about playing?:  everything
Who is your hero?:     Paul Weller and Steve Marriott                    

Why are they your hero?:  are and were amazing talents and made fantastic music.

Favourite Food: Chinese - but you can't beat a Sunday roast

Favourite Movie: Love Honour and Obey  and  The Doors

Favourite Quote: ‘Be yourself, everyone else is already taken’. (Oscar Wilde)

Pet hate!:    Rude people                       Why?: because manners cost nothing

Other hobbies: CCFC and my son


Little known fact about yourself:  I'm a bit of a musician I have played the trumpet for over 25 years


Any other information: