Ellie Crate

Name: Ellie Crate                              Uniform Number: n/a                 Nickname: none

Role at CWBA: Player

Age as of (31/12/12): 24

Year you started playing: With CWBA 2011, I played with Birmingham Black Cats in 2002 until I moved away.

Classification: 3ish

Basketball Career Highpoint: Getting nearer the basketball when shooting

What do you like most about playing?: Being part of a team and basketball is a good de-stresser

Aspirations in the game: That I'll be able to score one day

What/who inspires you to play basketball?: My PE teacher at secondary school introduce me to basketball

Who is your hero?: Nelson Mandela
Why are they your hero?: He stood up for what believed in.

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Movie: Ever After: A Cinderella story

Favourite Quote: 'Life's too short.... eat cupcakes!'

Pet hate!: None

Other hobbies: I'm training to be a first aider with St. John's Amblance and I've recently started wheelchair fencing.

Little known fact about yourself: I've skydived.