Charlotte Moore

Name: Charlotte Moore                                   Uniform Number:5                     Nickname:Charlie

Role at CWBA: Player

Age as of (31/12/12): 14

Year you started playing: 2006

Classification: 1 point

Basketball Career Highpoint: I play for the West Midlands Under 15 team and the Midlands Ladies AllStars team as well as our own CWBA teams!

What do you like most about playing?: Meeting new people and doing the best I can at basketball.

Aspirations in the game: To represent Great Britain at the Paralympics.

What/who inspires you to play basketball?: I love playing basketball and I've got good friends there (plus I want to reach the Paralympics!)

Who is your hero?: I have someone to look up to for each sport that I do. Tennis is Lucy Shuker, racing and basketball I admire different people.

Why are they your hero?: They are great at what they do. They train hard, they are intelligent and they are nice people who help others.

Favourite Food: I try to eat healthily but I do like the occasional curry and the odd cake!

Favourite Movie: I don't really have a favouruite movie.

Favourite Quote: 'Strive to be the best you can.'

Pet hate!: Shops that I can’t get into in my wheelchair. Luckily there aren’t too many of these now!

Other hobbies: Tennis, Racing and swimming, reading and some shopping!

Little known fact about yourself: I currently have a 5ft 8 arm span and I’m only 5 ft 2.