Andrew Grant

Name: Andrew Grant                               Uniform: 42                             Nickname: None

Role at CWBA: Player

Age as of (31/12/12): 15

Year you started playing: Oct 2010

Classification: 3.5

Basketball Career Highpoint: Getting my first basket in a tournament match

What do you like most about playing?: Its fun!

Aspirations in the game: I would like to play for Team GB

What/who inspires you to play basketball? I am inspired by my enjoyment of playing and it keeps me fit

Who is your hero?: Freddie Flintoff

Why are they your hero?: Because - he is a good sports player and has very good sportsmanship. When we won the Ashes, he shook hands with the Australians before celebrating with his team.

Favourite Food: Pasta

Favourite Movie: Sherlock Holmes

Favourite Quote: "Rosa Parkes sat, so the Martin Luther King could walk, so Barack Obama could run, so our children could fly"

Pet hate!: screaming children!

Other hobbies: trampolining, computer games & reading

Little known fact about yourself: youngest person in the county to be awarded laptop for school use (age 7)