Ally Hope


Name:  Alastair Hope                            Uniform Number:    8                Nickname: Coach/Merlin/Hopey

Role at CWBA:     Player/Coach/All round good guy

Age as of (31/12/12):  22

Year you started playing: 2007
Classification: 1.5

Basketball Career Highpoint: Playing with Keith Betty

What do you like most about playing?:  Playing with Keith Batty
Who is your hero?:  Keith Batty                     

Why are they your hero?:  Watch him play….he never misses…..unless his batteries are low

Favourite Food: Chicken/Steak fajitas….I will do literally anything for these…..anything….

Favourite Movie: Madagascar 2 : Escape to Africa

Favourite Quote: Sir, we may be out of fuel! “What makes you say that?” We’ve lost engine 1…..and engine 2 is no longer on fire!    /    Spectumur Agendo (Let us be judged by our actions)

Pet hate!: Baby on board stickers                          Why?: I had no intention of driving wrecklessly around those specific cars

Other hobbies: Cooking, cinema, gym, studying sports psychology

Little known fact about yourself:  In the guinnes book of records for participating in the world’s longest ever game of wheelchair basketball

Any other information: You have to ask…..then buy me fajitas……and an espresso…..then I’ll tell you anything