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Fund Raising

Our weekly charges do not cover all our costs (just one new sports chair costs £3200!) so we need to raise funds in a number of different ways to help support our development activity, purchase equipment like basketballs, sports wheelchairs and spares, playing kit, etc. We also support our volunteers get relevant qualifications (such as coaching, DBS checks, etc.).
Our fund-raising takes many forms.
  • We make formal bids to funding organisations.
  • We look for sponsorship from various sources each year.
  • We also organise less formal fund-raising. This includes one-off collections and social activities help us keep the wheels turning.
We are also looking for volunteers for a bag pack at a local supermarket one weekend, dates to be advised later.

We are always grateful to everyone who helps us by raising funds, however small. Please let us know if you are undertaking a fund-raising activity, so we can notify the Crusader Foundation. For those who raise funds via a sponsored activity, an official sponsorship form can be provided.

Our Members

Members and volunteers are asked to provide the CWBA with basic details about themselves each year. This includes contact details and a medical screening questionnaire. The latter is used to allow us to adapt our approach to individual needs.

We also ask for emergency contact details for all junior members so that we can contact parents/guardians if necessary.

Basketball Progression Routes

We run development group sessions which concentrate on developing the basic handling skills required for participating in a wheelchair basketball game. The sessions cover skills such as using a sports wheelchair in suitable ways for a basketball game, ball handling skills (such as dribbling, passing, shooting) and having some fun.

Everyone participates in monthly "Skills Olympics" where a number of key basketball skills are measured in 1 minute timeslots. Everyone measures themselves against their own previous achievement so they can see how they are progressing. Mini games are usually played at the end of each session, allowing the participants to start to apply their skills and to learn some of the rules of the sport. We cannot always allow everyone on court at any one time, but regular swapping of players ensures everyone gets some court time.

As new/young players develop basketball skills, they will be invited to join the 2nd session. Here where we develop more skills, stamina and sport knowledge allowing participation in the GBWBA league at a suitable levels (development/junior/division 3).

For players under 18 they and their parent/guardian sign a consent form so they can play in the league. All league games are played on a home and away basis so you will have some travel. Players are encouraged to transport their sports chairs to away games. Full basketball rules apply to all league games. You may only play some of the game based on your stamina and skill, but everyone gets some time on court for each