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CWBA Role of Honour

Current Season 2016-17

U19 Juniors - Central League Winners
U15 Juniors - Central League Winners
CWBA 1 South Division Champions

CWBA 1 promoted to Premier Division
CWBA 2 promoted to Division 1

Past Seasons

Women's     - Div 1 National Champions
U15 Juniors - Central League Winners

U15 Juniors - Central League Winners
CWBA 1 promoted to Div 1

2013/14 Season
Top Scorers
 U15 Team             Cameron Swan             
U19 Team               Ben Fox
Ladies                    Helen Tolley
3rd  Team                Peter Cusack           
2nd  Team                Sarah Gingell       
1st  Team                  Ben Fox  
            U15 Team            Peter Cusack
            U19  Team           Jacob Robinson
            Ladies                  Helen Tolley
            3rd Team             Peter Cusack
            2nd team             Charlotte Moore
            1st Team              Jamie Hamilton

Other awards
Endeavour Awards            Dean Hill/Tom Marshall
Most Improved Players     Siobhan Fitzpatrick/Tom Cutts
Best new player                Sam Lewis

Players Player                    Peter Cusack
Coach of the Season          Keith Batty
Volunteer of the Season    Debbie Cutts
Keystone Award                Paul Claridge

 2012/13 Season
National League 2nd Division - Bronze Medal
National 2nd Division South - Champions
CWBA Under 15's - National Champions
3rd Annual CWBA Awards - Friday 14th June 2013
Development Players

1.     SUPA League/Development -Most Improved Player   Jess Dowdeswell 

2.     SUPA League/Development -Endeavour Award         Max Phillips

 Top Scorers

3.     U15 Team                          Siobhan Fitzpatrick (81 points)

4.     3rd  Team                           Cameron Swan (91 points) 

5.     2nd  Team                          Sarah Gingell (113 points) 

6.     1st  Team                           Ben Fox (266 points)        

Most Valuable Players                          

7.     U15 Team                          Siobhan Fitzpatrick

8.     3rd Team                            Cameron Swan                                                

9.     2nd  Team                          Sarah Gingell

10.  1st  Team                           Jacob Robinson

 CWBA Awards

11.  CWBA -Endeavour Award                Ellie Crate

12.  CWBA -Best New player                  Peter Cusack and Lee Taylor

13.  CWBA -Most Improved Player         Thomas Cutts

14.  Coach of the season                        Paul Claridge

15.  Volunteer of the year                       Debbie Cutts

16.  CWBA -Players Player                     Peter Cusack

17.  Key Stone Award                            Debbie Cutts


2011/12 Season
CWBA 2nd Annual Awards
SUPA League
Winning Team             High Flyers  
MVP                                   Thomas Cutts
Most Improved Player          Jess Dowdeswell  
Endeavour Award              Alex Powers   
Most Valuable Players                          
1st Team                            Keith Batty
2nd Team                           Sarah Gingell
U15 Team                           Charlotte Moore
Best New player                  Tasmin Hallsworth/Craig Thompson          
Most Improved Player          Cameron Swan           
Endeavour Award                Shane Coleridge       
Players Player                     Siobhan Fitzpatrick
Top Scorers
1st Team                            Keith Batty
2nd Team                           Sarah Gingell
U15 Team                           Siobhan Fitzpatrick  
Coach of the season           Ally Hope
Volunteer of the year          Frances Swan
Key Stone Award                 Niki Cross 
2010/11 Season
Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull Sports Award